Minyon Hotel | About Us


Welcome to Minyon Hotel... Minyon Hotel which is elegant, small and very cute as its name suggests, is a special authentic and fascinating place bearing traces of the history in its each corner. Minyon Hotel, which was built in the 18th century and also called as Baltaci Mansion, has been put into service through the restorations by being loyal to the architecture of Antalya – Kaleici Turkish houses with the contribution of the famous exterior and interior designers. Floor mosaics, planned by private artists and designers, and fragrantly smelling first-class impregnated cedar-made ceiling is a privilege, special to Minyon Hotel. Every corner, every object has a story. You will not get enough of listening to these stories in which you’re a guest. Every moment you spend in the hotel is to be further enriched and gain meaning as these conversations are added to smiling faces and the traditional Turkish hospitality. It is a paradise on earth with its fruit trees, garden decorated with the colorful fragrant flowers and species of the region and swimming pool. In Minyon’s beautiful garden with mountain and sea view you can enjoy your drink while sitting under avocado trees and watching the sunset. Karaalioglu Park, Mermerli Beach and Adalar Beach, located in the immediate vicinity of this hotel, and all kinds of Kaleici entertainment venues will give a magic touch to your holiday. Your love to Mediterranean and Antalya / Kaleici will continue and reach its climax in Minyon Hotel where no detail is overlooked.